Composer's Piano - Think in music!
Composer's Piano - Think in music!
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Composer's Piano - Think in music!
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Composer's Piano comes with a POWERFUL playback mode for recording your tune and then completely revamping it up: change the speed, the instruments, the octets, the volume, sustain and much much more.. It includes features that even a PRO synth cannot match and is a breeze to learn for all skill levels, from novice to professionals.

Composer's piano has been ranked the No. 1 music app in Greece, Hungary and many app stores around the world! Rated a 'Super app' by
Composer's Piano is not your regular Piano app. It is that and much more. Composer's Piano includes unique features that even your favorite synth cannot match. Some of the highlights:
1. 15+ unique studio quality sounds (including Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Ethnic, Guitar among others).
2. Unique Layer mode to layer two sounds together. Create up to 100+ tones to experiment with!
3. Two different tracks intended for recording the lead piece and the chords as two different tracks
4. Packed with Pro features, yet simple to play: Pitch wheel, sustain, metronome, key size options, key sensitivity, saving recordings to file, easy to use help and glossary and many more.
4. POWERFUL PLAYBACK mode to modify, at realtime during playback, the tempo, pitch, tone, volume, layering mode option, layer tone, layer volume and sustain for each track separately to completely revamp your tunes and experiment towards a final composition.

Please email us your questions/bugs at and we will strive to resolve your questions the best we can.. We have no way to reply back to your comments in the review section.Thanks!
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