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Sporty's Instrument Rating Test Prep Video Course
Sporty's Instrument Rating Test Prep Video Course
Sporty's Pilot Shop
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Sporty's Instrument Rating Test Prep Video Course
Sporty's Instrument Rating Test Prep Video Course (View in iTunes)
Developer: Sporty's Pilot Shop
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$199.99 Instrument Rating Course
Earn your Instrument Rating and be a better pilot with Sporty’s new iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app!

With Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course, you’ll ace your FAA written test—we guarantee it! But this app is much more than just test prep. With incredible in-flight footage and 3D animations, we unlock the secrets of the IFR system so you can be a safe, smooth and proficient pilot. Detailed video segments cover both glass cockpits and analog gauges.

Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating course features:

• Exciting Video Training
- over 13 hours of engaging video, shot in and around airplanes, and enhanced with 3D motion graphics
- broken down into individual segments, allowing you to progress one step at a time
- either stream the video when you have internet access, or save individual segments for offline viewing

• Powerful Written Test Prep
- Learning mode-> create custom review sessions by selecting categories to study and review, with both questions and detailed explanations
- Flashcard mode -> review key concepts and objectives in self-graded study session
- Test mode -> take a simulated exam, with the time limit and mix of questions like the FAA test
- Progress Reports -> view a detailed report of all your previous test prep session scores, including the ability to review each question and answer selection you made

• Interactive Maneuvers Guide
- provides step-by-step instructions on performing maneuvers required for each checkride
- includes a 3D animation of each maneuver to help you visualize how each is to be performed prior to your flight

• Interactive Practical Test Standards
- includes the full FAA PTS – your guide to the checkride
- each item is cross-referenced to the appropriate video segment, allowing for a fast and in-depth review

• Training Course Outline
- lesson by lesson syllabus to guide you and your instructor through your flight training

The Instrument training experts:
At Sporty’s, we pioneered weekend instrument ground schools nearly 50 years ago, traveling the country to teach pilots the keys to IFR flying in just 3 days. Today, we operate an active flight school at our home airport (I69) with over 100 flight students. This everyday practical experience with instrument students makes us uniquely qualified to offer the most complete, up-to-date training courses available. When you learn with Sporty’s, you’re learning from the best.

Includes support for iCloud syncing, allowing you to keep your video progress and test scores synced across multiple iOS devices.
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