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Keep It Green - Habit maker
Keep It Green - Habit maker
Alexandr Demin
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Keep It Green - Habit maker
Keep It Green - Habit maker (View in iTunes)
Developer: Alexandr Demin
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You don’t need calendars any more! There is no need for everyday planning. No set dates, deadlines, plans. This sounds strange to half of people.

But if you belong to the other half, then Keep It Green is for you. It’s for those who hate GTD, time-management and different tough time limiting technologies.

Keep It Green is a program which will help you develop new habits, get read of bad ones, plan any regular activities. Without strict plans, deadlines and rules. Without limits.

For example, three times a week (you don’t know the exact weekdays yet) you’d like to go to gym. Or study foreign language. Or read science literature twice a week. Just add a new habit and define how many times a week /month you plan to work at it. E.g.: go to gym three times a week.

Then the program will follow your success, regularity and give advice on what to work at today, and what can be postponed till tomorrow. It’s all about colors!

Green color – everything goes well, yellow – you should pay attention to this habit development, red – you ignore this habit, etc.

Habit development can be a game! Make your list of habits green. Keep It Green.

- Simple, comfortable, ergonomic interface. Minimum buttons. Maximum interactivity.
- Visual planning without calendar
- Tuned daily reminder
- Managing it with one touch
- Automatic analysis and prioritization of your habits (tasks)
- Easy-to-analyse success statistics for the last 30 days or 30 last actions
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