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Condom Size
Condom Size
VSM Enterprises, LLC
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Condom Size
Condom Size (View in iTunes)
Developer: VSM Enterprises, LLC
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"★★★★★ This is the app every man should have. The condom calculator provides a very accurate result for what size and condom to use." -Zack

This app calculates and reveals your proper condom size, recommends a condom, displays a condom chart, has condom tips, fun facts and much more!

This app includes the following:
✓ Educational condom tips
✓ Condom chart (over 30 types)
✓ Your recommended condom size
✓ Your recommended condom type
✓ Condom fun facts
✓ Recommended apps

"★★★★★ This app is hilarious! I knew when I bought it it was for entertainment. It has some useful tips and facts that are really interesting, and my friends found it funny too. I don't know why anyone would give it less than 4 stars - its a good time waster and it's definitely worth it." -Bobby

*This app is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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