Richard Kazuo Maegaki
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Developer: Richard Kazuo Maegaki
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Play 22 challenging and exhilarating missions when you take on the challenge posed by “Wingbreaker”. Enjoy an innovative gameplay experience as you seek to unlock the games’ stunning arsenal of 10 different weapons that will help you blast your way to glory!
Play “Wingbreaker” for hours on end and become the top shooter across the world, then boast about your achievements on Facebook and Twitter!

This isn’t your regular arcade strategy shoot ‘em up game. Each enemy has their own unique weaknesses, and discovering them will be key to ensuring you meet with success. Complete all 22 missions, unlock the 20 in-game achievements, or top the global leaderboards to prove your prowess and demonstrate your “Wingbreaker” supremacy!

Key Features:
• Unique 3D graphics, 2.5D gameplay interface.
• 10 unique weapons, each designed to expose enemies’ weaknesses.
• Intuitive, easy to learn gameplay.
• Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing high scores, achievements, and screenshots.
• 100% original soundtrack.
• Bilingual gaming with English and Brazilian Portuguese options.

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