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Mike Spektor
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Developer: Mike Spektor
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Ping is a simple binary messenger. With the tap of a button, users can send each other signals (pings). These wordless, emotionless pings are the only means of communication between users. Each user can send up to 9 pings until he or she gets a response. Ping is for a short, personal, and casual nudge to your friends.
Wanna say something but don’t feel like bugging your friends with a text or phone call? The best forms of communication don’t need words or feelings.
Left hanging? Give your friends a ping—once, twice, up to 9 times until you get an answer! The number of pings lets you know how urgently people need you. One can be a gentle reminder. Nine means they’re desperate for your attention. Get the most out of saying the least.
Sick of talking and typing? An instant way to drop a line without wasting words - ping puts you in touch with a simple tap of your phone, giving your friends a virtual nudge.
Ping automatically finds the user’s friends by searching for them in their address book. Users can also add friends by searching for a nickname or a ping ID number.
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