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Doc & Dog
Doc & Dog
Destiny Group LLC
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Doc & Dog
Doc & Dog (View in iTunes)
Developer: Destiny Group LLC
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$0.99 Ideas multiplicator
$1.99 25000 Ideas
$0.99 Kids Mode
$0.99 10000 Ideas
$4.99 200000 Ideas
$2.99 50000 Ideas
$9.99 500000 Ideas
$19.99 1500000 Ideas
★★★★★ Top Arcade in U.S. AppStore ★★★★★
You are a Mad Scientist who in a matter of seconds can invent just about anything and build it from almost nothing. Just a couple of minutes ago, you had a makeshift rocket and a strong desire to get away from an uninhabited island. Getting away was simple enough; but the problem is your best friend, the most loyal Dog in the world, got left behind.

A regular scientist would be devastated. Even a good scientist wouldn’t know what to do in this situation. A genius would come up with a formula to avoid anything like this in the future. But a Mad Scientist is simply going to fly around the Earth and come back to the island to reunite with his canine partner. All he needs is a little bit of help...

Around the world in ten minutes! Vast seas, high mountains, scorched deserts, treacherous ice, and dangerous jungles -- nothing can stand between the two best buddies.

Doc & Dog has all the best features of the runner game genre - frantic gameplay, larger than life characters, an epic story, and awesome visuals.

✔ 4 air crafts
✔ 48 upgrades
✔ 5 decorations
✔ 6 boosts

Best reviews:
Good game with catching gameplay ★★★★★
by Artleet
This is Beautiful game. Can't stop playing.

Awesome ★★★★★
by Cathayan1
It is really awesome game which is one of the best I played before in this genre. It works fine and plays simple.

Attention: there is an in-app purchase in the game, that could be turned off in your device system settings.
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