Tempo Smart Calendar - Free Calendar App for iPhone and iPod
Tempo Smart Calendar - Free Calendar App for iPhone and iPod
Tempo AI, Inc.
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Tempo Smart Calendar - Free Calendar App for iPhone and iPod
Tempo Smart Calendar - Free Calendar App for iPhone and iPod (View in iTunes)
Developer: Tempo AI, Inc.
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Tempo Smart Calendar is the only calendar that intelligently finds and neatly organizes everything you need for each meeting, including contacts, locations, and related emails and documents.

A lot of what you need to do is one tap away. Dial into conference calls, send a text when running late, check a flight status or review an agenda—all without leaving the calendar. It was designed to be both beautiful and smart, saving you time and eliminating hassles.

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Tempo is like having your own personal assistant prepare you for what’s next, making sure you never miss a beat. You don’t need to jump between apps, hunt for phone numbers or addresses, memorize conference call passcodes, or waste your precious time on the go.

With your emails, contacts and location connected to your calendar, you have more in your calendar to get more out of your day. Tempo learns from your patterns and gets smarter the more you use it. It’s smarts comes from SRI the birthplace of Siri.

With just one tap, you can:

· Quickly reach attendees via phone, email or text
· Send a pre-populated “running late” email or text
· Dial into conference calls – Tempo handles the passcode
· Know your flight status
· Review emails that pertain to the meeting
· Open related documents
· Get directions, parking suggestions and estimated driving time
· Find the exact location even when you don’t have the address
· Wish friends happy birthday on Facebook
· Browse attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
· Connect to Foursquare and Yelp
· Use Siri to create your next calendar event or meeting

And so much more!

Tempo intelligently connects your calendar to your accounts and apps, including:

• Google Contacts
• Microsoft Outlook Contacts
• iPhone Contacts

• Exchange (2007 and up)
• Gmail
• iCloud
• Yahoo

Documents including these email attachments:
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• PDFs
• Images

• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Foursquare
• Yelp
• More coming soon!

Your smartphone deserves a smart calendar -- you’ll love the difference.

*Tempo 1.0.8 does not yet offer support for iOS 7 (beta). We plan to support this in our next release. Thank you.
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