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Dinosaur Book: iDinobook
Dinosaur Book: iDinobook
Fourfig Applications S.L.
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Dinosaur Book: iDinobook
Dinosaur Book: iDinobook (View in iTunes)
Developer: Fourfig Applications S.L.
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Book of dinosaurs with more than 200 entries and hundreds of pictures, perfectly clasified.

With exclusive illustrations from the paleo-artist Carlos León.

★★★ New and Noteworthy in 70 countries! ★★★

"While it is great for kids, it also has enough concrete and detailed information for grown-ups. It is a great reference app for all ages. ...I highly recommend it to anyone, of any age, who is interested in dinosaurs. It is well done, and has a clever interface."
♣ GeekDad/

"iDinobook is a fun and educational app. It is easy to use and contains lot of interesting information. I recommend this app for users who have a passion for dinosaurs."

"I’m in awe over all the content that’s been included... I don’t think a dinosaur fan can go wrong with either app."

If you like dinosaurs, iDinobook is a must-have for you and your kids.

⋯⋯⋯⋯ FEATURES ⋯⋯⋯⋯

► More than 200 dinosaurs from all varieties, including flying and aquatic. A complete encyclopedia!
► Dinosaur description including history, classification, measurements and diet.
► Jurassic, triassic and cretaceous periods are included
► Extended capabilities in a selection of dinosaurs, including:
    • Exclusive illustration of great quality, from the paleo-artist Carlos León.
    • Interactive pad, for comparing dinosaurs sizes
    • Dinosaur X-ray imaging
    ♫ Make your dinosaur roar
    • Dinosaur footprint
► Album with hundreds of pictures
► Quiz to test your knowledge on dinosaurs: thousands of different questions with three difficulty levels. You will never see one repeated. For sure!
► Map to explore where the fossils have been discovered.
► Stunning graphics take advantage of the iPhone retina display.
► NO Internet connection needed
► Great use of multitouch interface to have a great time learning about dinosaurs.

► Watch how it works:


► Optimized for iPhone 5 screen
► If you have an iPad try the HD version
► FAQ:
► Support and feedback:

We would love to hear what you think about iDinobook. Please send us a message with your suggestion, feedback or fixes.

If we don't have your favorite dinosaur, send us a mail and we'll try to include it


iDinobook improves in a regular fashion. So far we have provided the following updates:

Version 1.10:
  ✔ Fixed description of some dinosaurs reported by users. Thanks for your feedback!
Version 1.9:
  ✔ Optimized for iPhone 5 screen
  ✔ Improved animation when closing X-rays
Version 1.8:
  ✔ New extended dinosaur: Allosaurus
  ✔ New dinosaur: Altispinax
  ✔ Optimized size of images without loosing quality
Version 1.7
  ✔ New extended dinosaur: Edmontosaurus
Version 1.6:
  ✔ New extended dinosaur: Dilophosaurus
Version 1.5:
  ✔ New extended dinosaur: Giganotosaurus
  ✔ New dinosaurs: Microraptor, Archaeopteryx, Giraffatitan, Barosaurus.
  ✔ Improvements and bug fixes
Version 1.4:
  ✔ Added SOUNDS for extended dinosaurs!
  ✔ New dinosaurs: Dimorphodon, Gorgosaurus, Icthyosaurus, Kronosaurus, Opthalmosaurus, Tylosaurus.
  ✔ Improvements and bug fixes
Version 1.3:
  ✔ New dinosaurs: Lesothosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Apatosaurus
  ✔ Corrected some misspelling reported
Version 1.2:
  ✔ New dinosaurs: Plesiosaurus and Paralititan
  ✔ Improvements and bug fixes
  ✔ Corrected some misspelling reported
  ✔ New questions for the quiz
Version 1.1:
  ✔ New extended dinosaur: Deinonychus
  ✔ New dinosaur: Brontomerus
  ✔ Improvements and bug fixes
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