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Real Basketball
Real Basketball
Mobil Interaktif
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Real Basketball
Real Basketball (View in iTunes)
Developer: Mobil Interaktif
Game Center: No
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$0.99 Open Allstars mode
$0.99 Get 5.000 MP
$1.99 Get 10.000 MP
$1.99 Open block mode
$7.99 Get 50.000 MP
$0.99 Remove all advertising
$13.99 Unlock and Buy Lightning Ball
$13.99 Get 100.000 MP
$13.99 Unlock and Buy Flame Ball
$11.99 Unlock and Buy 40. Jersey
Enjoy the ultimate real-life basketball experience with Real Basketball.

Real Basketball is an addictive game designed for basketball fans, which it offers single player or multiplayer options, as well as many fun game modes where you can show off your basketball skills!

You can choose to play online with people around the world, or play live games with your friends and earn MP's which can be used towards in-app features.

Prepare to experience the joy of playing best basketball game with real people.

Express your style by choosing from tens of different characters, basketballs, uniforms and courts.

Unlimited fun awaits you with 6 different game modes. Check out the scoreboard in each game mode to see how you ranked.

Unlock various achievements to win tens of cups and gain access to extra features.

- Realistic 3D graphics
- 6 different game modes
- Online multi-player game experience with real opponents or your own friends
- Surprise interactive experiences
- 40 uniforms and unlimited customization
- 20 basketballs and surprise features
- 4 basketball courts
- Cups which can be unlocked through various achievements
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