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New Year Countdown‼
New Year Countdown‼ (View in iTunes)
Developer: Sevenlogics, Inc.
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What's more festive and globally anticipated than New Year's Day? Let's count down to it in style!

New Year Countdown offers these awesome features:

✩ Flexible countdown units - count down in any combo of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and even heartbeats! (eg. "1 month 17 mins" or "4652 heartbeats")

✩ Your own photos - select your own photos as the background, sort them in the order you like and flip through them while counting down!

✩ Your song - attach your favorite celebration tune to your Countdown.

✩ Draggable Countdown display - position it wherever you want.

✩ Customizable font types, font colors, background colors for the Countdown display.

✩ Smart toolbar - hidden until you tab on the screen, lets you fully enjoy the Countdown view.

✩ Portrait and landscape mode - whichever you prefer.

✩ Share your Countdown - by Facebook, Twitter, or email.

✭✭✭ Upgrade to Premium and get these extra features ✭✭✭

♛ Your own phrase - “the start of a new set of resolutions!”, “we sing Auld Lang Syne with the crowd!”, "the new calendar is in!".

♛ Badge Countdown - see how many days till New Year's Day without launching the app!

♛ Slideshow mode with different animation styles and speeds!

We wish you happiness, good health and prosperity for the year to come!

Happy New Year!