MCPro: Compendium for Minecraft (unofficial)
MCPro: Compendium for Minecraft (unofficial)
Imba Entertainment
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MCPro: Compendium for Minecraft (unofficial)
MCPro: Compendium for Minecraft (unofficial) (View in iTunes)
Developer: Imba Entertainment
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$2.99 Premium Blueprints
MCPro has tons of 3D blueprints with 2D view and First Person support for you to better enjoy Minecraft;
Build impressive structures and enrich your world with interesting designs created by the community.
Also includes crafting, blocks, items, mobs, enchanting, smelting, trading, etc., and fanfiction stories!
Now has a mini game built in "Chasing Herobrine" - parkour style FPS inspired by defrag.
Previously known as Minecraft Pro.

Table of content:

- 3D blueprints with full camera control
(using joysticks: left side of screen - move; right side - rotate)
- 2D blueprints with all directions support + pinch to zoom
-- Grid support (above/below blocks)
-- Hiding lower layers to better see current layer
-- Identify blocks, returns block/item name upon tapping
-- Camera position reset to original
-- Camera position height control
-- Materials screen describing what blocks were used in each build
- First Person mode

Includes following categories (more coming soon):
- Houses
- Divine
--- Myths
--- Legends
--- Churches
--- Cathedrals
--- Statues
- Infrastructure
--- Public
--- Municipal
- Fortifications
--- Castles
--- Arenas
--- Towers
--- Lighthouses
- Pixel Art
--- 3D
--- 2D
- Environment
--- Bridges
--- Parks
--- Fountains
- Air and Water
--- Airships
--- Boats
--- Etc.

- Crafting
- Blocks
- Items
- Mobs
- Enchanting
- Smelting
- Brewing
- Trading
- Circles

- Fanfiction novels

- Chasing Herobrine (parkour style FPS inspired by defrag)
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