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GoToMeeting (View in iTunes)
Developer: Citrix
Game Center: No
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Meet where you want with GoToMeeting on your mobile device. Join, host, or schedule a GoToMeeting from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


• Participate in video conferencing with up to 6 shared webcams (HDFaces).
• View the presenter’s screen, whether it be slide presentations, design mockups, or spreadsheets.
• Present your documents from the cloud; GoToMeeting integrates with most file sharing apps, including ShareFile, Dropbox, and (iPad only).
• Brainstorm together using the on-screen highlighter and whiteboard (iPad only).
• See your meeting schedule and join with a single tap.

You can even start your meeting with one tap, then seamlessly transfer your meeting to your Mac (or vice versa).

There’s no purchase necessary to attend GoToMeeting sessions. There are two easy ways to join a session:

1. Connect your mobile calendar with GoToMeeting and simply tap your next meeting to join from the app.
2. Tap the invitation link in your email or calendar.

You must have a GoToMeeting account to host meetings. To host a meeting you must log in to the app, then you can do either of the following:
1. Tap the meeting you’ve scheduled from the meeting list and it will start automatically.
2. Tap “Meet Now” to start an ad-hoc meet
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