Global War HD
Global War HD
Space X Game LLC
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Global War HD
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Developer: Space X Game LLC
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€3.00 310 Honor Points
€3.00 400 Honor Points
€15.00 450 Honor Points
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€7.00 1010 Honor Points
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€7.00 182 Honor Points
€1.00 Super Class
€3.00 460 Honor
€15.00 390 Honor Points
Play with 7+ Million Players in the Largest, Most Intense & SOCIAL ONLINE GLOBAL WAR!

★★★★★ Beautiful HD Graphics!

★★★★★ Build MASSIVE ARMIES, ALLIANCE & SQUADS with your FRIENDS & DESTROY your ENEMIES to earn High Rank & Prestige!!

★★★★★ Most SOCIAL & CONNECTED game!! – Best In-Game Social Community, Chat, Messaging & Friend feed, Engrossing Gameplay & Intense PvP Action LIVE, REAL-TIME!

★★★★★ CHAT real-time with your ARMIES, ALLIANCE, Contacts, GROUP CHAT & the ENTIRE WORLD!

★★★★★ Build Biggest SQUAD of FRIENDS to Get Help & Form Massive Attacks

★★★★★ EARN POWERFUL PRIZES & REWARDS in daily Community Contests

★★★★★ Free updates forever and much more!

ATTENTION - This is an Online game! Players must be connected to WiFi or 3G network. Supported for iOS 3.0 & later
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