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Election 2016 Map
Election 2016 Map
Anthony West Jr
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Election 2016 Map
Election 2016 Map (View in iTunes)
Developer: Anthony West Jr
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Quickly check possible 2016 election outcomes by changing states by touch from red to blue or vice versa and seeing the electoral college results. Zoom in on the map to make changes more easily. Two scenarios can be saved, or the map reverted to the 2012 results. Show friends what you hope (or fear) will happen.

Examine electoral college results from 1972-2012. Did you know that Carter won Texas, but lost California in 1976?

States can also be set as undecided or leaning Democratic/Republican.

Tap states to change their vote. When the map is zoomed, touch the background to toggle display of state abbreviations and electoral votes. Please note this App is meant for you to assign states how you think they might go - it does not automatically download projections (based on reviews, there seems to be a little confusion about this). The "Current Map" buttons on the flipside of the App save the current map in the given scenario - they do not load data. The "2012 Results" and "Load Map" buttons do load scenarios into the map. When new projections are released, this App will be able to download these.
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