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textPlus GOLD Free Text : Free Texting + Free Worldwide Messenger + Phone Number
textPlus GOLD Free Text : Free Texting + Free Worldwide Messenger + Phone Number (View in iTunes)
Developer: textPlus, Inc.
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ON SALE! LIMITED TIME (regular price $4.99). Text for free + No Ads on WiFi, 3G or 4G & Save up to $240 a year. Only textPlus GOLD gives you Ad-Free Unlimited Texting & lets you choose your preferred phone number for Free texting. Turn your iPod touch, iPad & iPhone into a FREE phone.

Text anyone for free, even friends without the app
✪ Unlimited Free text to any US or Canadian mobile number
✪ Free app-to-app messaging with textPlus users anywhere in the galaxy
✪ Get a real free Phone Number to text free from any device even iPad or iPod touch
✪ Invite friends to textPlus so they can text for free too
✪ Spend your hard-earned cash on YOU. Use textPlus instead and Save $240/year

Plus’ed up so you can text for free right away
✪ Group Text, Send Pics & Walkie talkie for free too
✪ See your device contacts instantly in the app as soon as you register
✪ Tap the phone icon in the Inbox to launch the NEW textPlus Free Text + Calls app anytime

Never miss a Message
✪ Push Notifications when you’re outside the app
✪ Texts in the Cloud - Battery died? In a movie? Turn your device back on & see messages you missed
✪ Message from any device to friends on any device, even if they don’t have textPlus
✪ Login to any version of the app or any device and see your missed texts from anywhere. (See all your texts + calls in the NEW textPlus Free Text + Calls app too)

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