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JEOPARDY! (View in iTunes)
Developer: Sony Pictures Television
Game Center: No
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$0.99 J! Game Pack 1
$0.99 J! Game Pack 2
$0.99 J! Game Pack 3
$0.99 J! Game Pack 4
$0.99 J! Game Pack 5
$0.99 J! Avatar Pack 1
$0.99 J! Avatar Pack 2
$0.99 J! Avatar Pack 5
$0.99 J! Avatar Pack 3
$0.99 J! Avatar Pack 4
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Is watching Jeopardy! part of your nightly routine? Ever caught yourself shouting responses at the TV and wishing that you were standing at the podium? Now is your chance with the newly-updated Jeopardy! app.

Test your knowledge with thousands of clues collected from the show’s very own writers. Hear Johnny Gilbert’s famous Jeopardy! introduction, step up to the podium and get ready for categories ranging from sports and popular culture to travel, world history and much more. Customize your own avatar in-game and use the interactive touch screen to write your name on the podium. Play quick games on the go in single player mode or challenge your family and friends via Local Wi-Fi or Pass and Play mode. Celebrate 30 seasons of America’s Favorite Quiz Show®—download now and play today!
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